Cold Comfort Farm benefits GD DramaGuild

posted Feb 23, 2011, 7:46 PM by GDarts Boosters
The Present Players delivered their first ever show with a delightfully fun rendition of "Cold Comfort Farm", a British comedy, complete with a lovely heroine, bizarre relatives, the Church of the Quivering Brethren, a cow with a wooden leg, and a happy ending for all. (The video below presents several scenes from the play.)

Cold Comfort Farm on the Groton Channel

Director David Nanto deserves a lot of credit for gathering together a group of talented people who designed and built a terrific set, provided excellent music, costumes and sound effects, and on top of all that gave memorable performances. The cast included several students from GDRHS. Proceeds from the Black Box performances on Feb 18 and 19 were donated to the GD Drama Guild, which will provide much-needed support for their upcoming production of Cinderella, which will be performed in the GD Performing Arts Center on April 28-30.
The Present Players is a new Community Theater Company based in Boston's MetroWest. They are dedicated to providing quality theater to our communities and donate 100% of their proceeds to local causes. See for more information about The Present Players and other productions they have planned.