GD Arts Boosters Grants for Music, Drama, and Visual Arts – 2012-2013

posted Dec 10, 2013, 12:35 PM by GDarts Boosters

Groton-Dunstable Arts Boosters was formed to help fill in some of the gaps that exist between the level of support that the District budget has been able to afford in recent years, and the level of support that G-D’s Music, Drama, and Visual Arts programs need to develop the tremendous fine arts talent that is budding within our student community. Last June, the GD Arts Boosters group used the proceeds its fundraising activities during the year   along with a number of generous donations from the GD Arts community to support the music, drama, and visual arts programs with the following grants:

Choir Condenser Microphones

The High School Music Department did not own any condenser microphones.  These are the kind of microphones that are used to pick up sound for a whole choir as opposed to one person.  The entire high school population will now be able to hear the many performances that chorus and chamber choir perform throughout the year.

Performance Rights for Thoroughly Modern Millie

For the past few years, district budget cutbacks on things like drama stipends, a part-time theater manager, and custodial services in the PAC unfortunately shifted the burden of paying for those services onto the budget for theater productions, which also have to cover fees for licensing and performance rights, a professional director, stage sets and costumes.  GD Arts Boosters was able to lighten that load last year, by funding the play rights for the Drama Guild’s production of the musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Mesh Display Walls

Previously there were only 8 regular sized display boards for the whole district to share.  By purchasing additional display walls the Visual Arts Department will have additional exhibition spaces to ease the juggling of display boards between schools.  These boards will be used for art events such as the Senior Art Show, Spring Into the Arts, and Women’s History Month.

Digital Camera

The Visual Arts department also requested funding for some basic supplies that are needed to fire ceramics in the school’s kiln and glaze the pottery and sculptures that the students create. Community support for GD Arts, and particularly the support of the local artist community, has made it possible for us to supplement the limited art supply budget by purchasing these supplies.

The GD Arts Boosters group is very proud of what we were able to accomplish last year. We could not have done this without the support of the school administration, the extra effort put forth by the GDRHS Fine Arts teachers and students, and the generous support of the GD Arts community.