Planning Meetings for Spring Fundraiser

posted Mar 13, 2011, 8:37 PM by GDarts Boosters

We are really excited and pleased to see our Spring into the Arts event coming together so well in such a short time. Dinner and dessert items are being ordered from Filho's and Main St. Cafe. (Yum!). We have some great entertainment lined up. Auction items are beingn donated. A student art exhibit is coming together. Decorations are in the works. We’re getting the word out. Tickets are on sale.

There are a few areas where we could still use some extra hands, but so far… WOW!   


We have scheduled a couple of meetings to get our volunteers/helpers together in person a couple of times before the big event - April 1 is just three weeks away!  … to make sure we’re all clear on plans and expectations, and to make sure our coordinators have what they need.  If you have any inclination to get involved in this event, even in a small way, we hope you will join us at one of these meetings:


Monday, March 14 – 7pm in the High School Music Room

Monday, March 21 – 7pm in the High School Music Room

(NOTE:  If we can’t get the music room scheduled, we’ll use the Front Commons.)


We don’t expect to get everyone there… but please try and make it if you can.

If you can’t make it to these meetings, but would be willing to help for an hour or so, particularly on April 1 (the day of the event).. please contact us

People who attend this event are going to be in for a real treat… AND we’ll be raising some much-needed funds for music, drama and art programs at GD.  So we hope you can attend, and – even better – pass this link to your local friends and family and encourage them to attend: 

TICKETS are on sale here on our website, and also at Main Street Café, Blackbird Cafe, and Convenient Mann. Alternatively, if you’re logged on to Facebook, you can share our event page with all your local Facebook friends - – or search for and event called “Spring into the Arts Festival”.