Grange Hall Band Night- A Review

posted Jan 30, 2011, 9:32 AM by Caroline Cocossa   [ updated Jan 31, 2011, 7:13 PM by Kathy Icenogle ]
    My apologies if you missed this event! Band Night at the grange was a success for everyone. There were people in the triple digits, baked goodies, and some pretty brilliant bands including Would, Expecto! and The Dead Fish. Having only heard Expecto! out of the three, I wasn't sure what to expect-o (oh no...) but these bands were really phenomenal. Would opened the event with a solid alternative sound, which by the end of their set had everyone dancing. Expecto! went second and as always they had a pretty solid local group of fans singing along. What was really exciting were the additional people that came for The Dead Fish who closed the show. "There was an all-around good vibe going. All of the bands were great, so everybody was enjoying it, and there was a lot of mixing of fanbases, which isn't always the case in local shows" -Joey Dussault, Guitar player from Expecto! said. Which sums the whole thing up really. Hopefully we can look forward to other events like this in the future.