The Winter Concert: A Review

posted Dec 16, 2010, 5:47 PM by Caroline Cocossa   [ updated Dec 19, 2010, 9:18 AM by GD Arts ]
    The Winter Concert, as usual, exceeded expectations. Concert Band started the night off by jumping right into the Holiday spirit with Coventry Carol, with solos by Rose Gannon on clarinet, and Ali Kessler on flute. Then Clash, with Emma Sheffield soloing on bells. Even after listening to all the pieces that night, one Stephanie Chaddock (Chamber) said that "...I remembered Clash, it was really good!" The band was really into Clash, and so was the audience. Well played and performed, this piece seemed to have both the audience and band charmed. They rounded off a solid performance with A Disney Spectacular
    Band was followed by Chorus, starting off with Bashana Haba'ah, a rich and emotional song that caught people off guard. They continued to perform with power and feeling for Agnus Dei, a very spiritual song in latin as well as the other songs. Bringing up the tempo, Down to the River to Pray featured solos by Ben Icenogle, Jackson Jarboe, and Alex Giggey. Melanie Kavalowskas ended the song with a solo. It all built up to Baba Yetu, a song very cultural and textured. Baba Yetu featured solos by Troy Jenkins, Paolo Filho, and Jackson Jarboe. Chorus did a fine job highlighting the beautiful cultural diversity of all of these songs.
    The GD Drum Corps performed Cantastik, a fun and creative piece that showed that music can come from everywhere-even trash cans.
    Jazz Band as always was phenomenal. All their songs had a natural flow, and it was easily seen that they all mesh well as a group. Mambo Jambo featured solos by Ali Kessler on flute, George Killian on piano, and Rick Liebold on guitar. They transitioned from that lively latin beat to the swing jazz of St. Louis Blues- featuring Danielle Graham on clarinet, and Ali Kessler on flute, without a hitch. Then came time for the Vocalist accompaniment, Marie Jordan. Singing Santa Clause is Coming to Town both she and the band had a great sound. Marie's voice never ceases to impress. Closing out, Jazz band played Moanin' featuring alto sax solos by Meredeth Shea, Blake Henderson, and Tracis Kessler. Greg Mahan soloed on tenor sax. The piece closed out a set with a wide variety of style that the audience enjoyed immensely.
    The highly anticipated Chamber really outdid themselves. My God is a Rock was performed as it should be, strong and with pure sincerity. Eryn Henry and Raaid Arshad did exactly that in their solos. Ding-a Ding-a Dong was a fun song. The girls and boys songs did a great job showing the talent that Chamber has, Why Do Fools Fall in Love? and All My Loving were both very loved by everyone. I Wish really stood out, and Finy Garvey's scat solo was top notch. Miserere Mi strong. Carol of the Bells ended the concert on a cheerful holiday note.