Pep Band

The GDRHS Pep Band kicked off their first season this year. They play at all home football games. They can be spotted in the middle of the stands with their snazzy Pep Band jackets! The purpose of the Pep Band is to create a fun and festive atmosphere at the games. Also to supplement the prerecorded music and cheerleader performances with a live performance. While showcasing all our talented musicians!

There are currently around 25 students in the band varying from all grades and playing all instrtuments. They rehearse usually twice a week and are conducted by Mr. Savoy. If anyone is interested in joining they should talk to or Anna Yanchenko, they can get you started or involved. They were able to start this yearbyfunding from the Athletic Booster Club, Groton Trust Fund and a private donation. They are always looking for new and different pieces to perform so if you have a request you can purchase the score for about $50$

So come out and support your GDRHS Pep Band!

Pep Band 2011